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Welcome to the Cerebro Properties toolkit. Our toolkit is a group of services that we use and rely on in operating our business. We believe in keeping things simple and efficient, and that includes the tools we use to help us achieve our goals. Below are the top companies and services we work with and use in our business. You can sign up to any of them with our links below.

* Please note we do receive a small commission if you sign up with any of our affiliate links, but at no cost to you. We appreciate the support! *


ReSimpli is an all in one service that has many functions we use to manage our leads and overall business. It’s our CRM system, but also does our calling, texting, KPI tracking, and accounting. It also has helpful features like e-sign, file storage, direct mail, skip tracing, list stacking, a cash buyer management system, and so much more. Having an all in one system saves us money, but also simplifies our business and keeps everything in one central location. Whether you are just starting out or have a full time business with a team, ReSimpli has different tiered plans and is a great option for real estate investors. For 50% off of your first month use our link.


Propstream is smart real estate software that we use for overall property information, but also to pull targeted lists. It helps us make informed decisions by having nationwide property data, owner data, and even property transaction or mortgage history. It’s a great tool for comps as it has not only public data, but also MLS data that is up to 99% accurate according to Propstream. With the ability to pull up to 10,000 records per month, with really specific quick filters, Propstream is a great tool for targeting leads. They also have a lot of other helpful features like skip tracing, direct marketing options, and even a rehab calculator. Whether you are a real estate investor, real estate agent or broker, or even a contractor or lender, Propstream is a really good tool for any real estate professional. For a (7) day free trial use our link.


Carrot is the company behind the scenes for our website. It acts as our authority hub, where you can find any information we put out, information about our process, frequently asked questions, and of course where you can contact us and submit details for a property. Carrot’s focus is SEO and how to best optimize your website for results. Whether you want a set it and forget it option, or like us, want to completely customize all aspects of your website, Carrot has an option for any real estate investor and real estate agent. They also have a 30 day money back guarantee, so if you’d like to give them a try, use our link.